or what Thai people are familiar with as Healthfoods, we are committed to creating and produce good food for the world with a determined concept continuously throughout the 40 years since 1983 until the present with a firm ideology to develop the best diet for you who is always considered important to us and would like to be a part of creating healthy food served in every meal delicious menu of Thai people

Because we always consider and with our pride that if population have a good meal it makes people healthy and strong. For this reason, it will bring wealth and stability to population thus the country in the end because of having good food and good health of people in that country regarded as the most important foundation and It is to build a solid foundation of social people and sustainable.

Food products that are processed from Health Foods we pay close attention to the quality of production. By starting from the selection process of ingredients that our selected ingredients are selected by carefully and high quality standard. Moreover, always do quality checks for both nutritional value and cleanliness, the utmost safety along with keeping selected ingredients that are fresh in order to season an important healthy meals to deliver to society by producing food in 5 categories

1.  Sausage
2.  Chicken ball
3.  Chicken sliced, Bologna, Vietnamese chicken sausage
4.  Marinated chicken
5.  Local Product such as Dried shredded chicken, Chinese chicken sausage, Sour chicken and Spicy Northern Thai sausage   

Manufacturing Standards

          Health Foods produces food of a good standard and always maintained at the highest level by producing food with factory standards that has received EST standards and uses modern machinery as well as modern machines from the origin of quality sausage production according to the standard from Germany which is a modern machine continuous production, named TF 4000 FESSMANN, is a state-of-the-art manufacturing process without any external contact. The first in Thailand as well and has a total production capacity of 200,000 kilograms per day.

          With production standards GHPs (Good Hygiene Practies) & HACCP (The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) focusing on good hygiene management in the production process and principles of hazard analysis and set critical control points which aims to enable organizations to manage food safety. At the same time, it can effectively manage the quality of food. GMP emphasizes on prevention and eliminate the risk of causing food poisoning, harm or causing unsafe conditions. According to the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health and production standards Halal food service that is correct according to Islamic principles and does not contravene the provisions of Islam along with the ISO 9001 standard, which is an international standard that businesses around the world pay attention to that for food excellence, quality and efficiency of internal operations.

          with the food industry that we are determined to produce food and is a healthy food from Health Foods with standards of cleanliness and always safe. We focus on improving the quality of life and the environment of society around is another important thing until receiving the standard green industry which shows their friendliness to the environment and society, as well as being awarded the Environmental Governance Award because we are very aware of the issue of food, giving importance to the environment and welfare The safety of people in society is of paramount importance until it was invented to create a standardized production process and the winner of the sausage contest, gold and silver medals from Germany and reducing global warming from greenhouse gases with the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization award from sausage products “Smoky Hotdog chicken sausage” as well.

          In addition to clean and modern production, including various standards, Health Foods companies has applied the concept that industry and the environment must always grow together in society at the same time. Therefore, realized that Health Foods is a food industry will not create problems for society and still need to work together with the people in the society, help each other take care and develop the quality of society together by starting from within our factory to take care of saving both energy by making solar panels to generate energy for use within our own factory to reduce the burden of using electricity and supplying renewable energy that is environmentally friendly to use within our own green factory and realize the need to save energy and the use of resources in all sectors of production both energy and water use by creating understanding from personnel within the organization to realize and join together which these things will benefit both Thai society and a good world society such as

Our factory uses Boiler Biomass for the whole plant by using fuel from wood (Woodchip) from the reforestation project to produce steam in the production process (Economizer) to save energy and can be considered as a biomass system that can be used to remove dust which is pollution from the combustion to reduce pollution (Multi cyclone) by removing dust with the process of "Wet Scrubber" until the air is clean that for a good environment (Green Environment).


Labor protection, supervision and caring both in health in terms of well-being, welfare, legal benefits both welfare and safety while working with humanitarian principles equally without discrimination in accordance with the requirements and Fair Compensation Employment Law

Conduct human resource development activities in the organization to have higher potential to keep up with the changes of the world in the new era and to upgrade the knowledge and ability of personnel to be equal to society such as providing knowledge for the development of personnel in various fields Through our company's learning center called Healthfoods Academy regularly

- Workplace safety knowledge while working and the aspect of conducting oneself properly

- Safety during the epidemic (Covid -19)

- Providing knowledge on digital media and online social network (E-Commerce)

- Leadership Skill

- Increasing thinking and management skills with Growth Mindset

for personnel to keep up with the new world, etc.

Safety and Occupational Health

Health Foods provides knowledge and care to prevent personnel from making mistakes during the manufacturing process regard of the welfare and hygiene of personnel as well. The company has serious health checks and sanitation of workers at all times in order to be a standard during the performance of work and safety in every process to get good products delivered to consumers. By those who work in the production line must be in good health and Disease-Free. Including setting up measures while before entering work and while working including personal hygiene of personnel to have to clean themselves before going to work in every part of the production as well as the use of clothing only in the production area that is clean and covers the parts of the body completely as a standard.

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